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Dear friends

We are thrilled to invite you to the 2nd Inspire Experience! Please join us at the St. Simons Community Church Campus on Friday, January 21st & Saturday, January 22nd, 2022 for a weekend designed to offer hope and create community for the women in our area. How fabulous it will be to have all of us together again in the same room!

It has been astonishing to watch how God has already cleared the path. He knows our hearts and who He has planned to be with us for the weekend.  The layout of the retreat will be very similar to our first year. You can expect multiple Christian speakers, engaging indoor and outdoor activities, delicious meals, interesting break-out panels, vendors, and seats at round tables to help create conversation and community!

The heart behind Inspire is to encourage women to step away from their everyday lives and spend time in reflection and renewal. We encourage you to enjoy the fellowship of friends by staying away from home. Give yourself a true getaway experience by spending the night with your Bible study group or get a hotel room and enjoy the quiet! Our hope is that you won’t break up your reflection with dishes and chores.

Surrendering the Sorrow

The number of spiritual and emotional issues related to a global pandemic have had ripple effects far and wide for everyone of all ages. After nearly two years of isolation, uncertainty, loss, and disappointment, we plan to be intentional about taking time to reflect on where we are personally and collectively. What events did you miss? What special activities were cancelled? Did you lose someone that you loved? Have we taken a moment to give those sorrows the proper acknowledgement they deserve?

Embracing the Eternal
On Friday evening and Saturday morning, we will talk about hope and how this world is not our end game.  Nona Jones, our keynote speaker on Friday and Saturday evenings, will refocus our hearts on the Hope we have in Jesus through her unlikely story of success after a childhood filled with trauma.

We will encourage and point everyone towards community and the body of Christ.  After a season of isolation and desperation, God is calling us to come back together.  We are a much brighter light as one than we are separately.

“The world will know you are Christians by the way that you love one another.”
John 13:35

See you at Inspire!



Inspire More Life is a federal 501c3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

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