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Inspire Event 2019 Jekyll Island - Amy Fritchman-100

Everyone is welcome, all gifts are valued, and each woman is given the space to breathe, grow, and go  I have been thinking about you and praying for you!

As many of you know, I have a great love for the weekend getaway experience.  I believe God can do exponentially more in our hearts during a focused weekend than in a year of Sundays.  This dream has lived deep in my heart and my journals for many, many years.  As I have prayed and continued to watch and wait for the Lord…I hear Him saying, “NOW is the time, ladies!!”

The Inspire Experience is your modern day women’s weekend.  It is an organic blend of retreat with a purposeful focus on spiritual growth through multiple engaging speakers. We have planned the weekend to intentionally move us through an experience of rest and restoration on Friday.  The first day is designed with time to worship, reflect, reconnect, and be rejuvenated through speakers and an afternoon of activity and creativity.  Our second day takes us on a journey of learning.  We have so many smart, passionate women among us!  We are creating a space for all women to have conversations and deepen our community.  We will learn about different trends in our world as well as opportunities to join in the work being done locally and around the world.

Lastly, Saturday evening, we close our notebooks and worship together.  We seek God and each find our GO.  You are unique with specific gifts and talents.  Where is God calling you and your passions in your current season of life?  We will seek His face together and encourage each other in the journey set out before us both individually and collectively as a community.

There is a strong community of women who have also been watching and waiting.  This is for you.  Won’t you join us? 



Inspire More Life is a federal 501c3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

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